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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ways To Have A Peaceful Mind

1. Reduce your use of rational thinking
We need rational thinking, but we tend to overuse it in analyzing our situations and making decisions. That brings a lot of things into our mind which potentially also brings in noise. Is rational thinking reallythat important? I don’t think so. Even Einstein once said that “I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”
2. Listen to your intuition
While you should reduce your use of rational thinking, you should increase your use of intuition. Listen to your intuition whenever you need to make decisions. Your intuition often knows more than you think. Furthermore, since intuition works instantly, it won’t bring a lot of things into your mind. Your mind will remain calm and peaceful. No wonder Einstein said that “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”
3. Listen to your heart
Your heart tells you what is right to do. There is where your deepest value and principles reside. Following what your heart says helps you be true to yourself, and that has a great effect on giving you peace of mind. So learn to listen more to your heart, and do what it tells you to do.
4. Get the stuff out of your mind
This is a basic principle of Getting Things Done (GTD). In fact, the term “mind like water” comes from GTD. You should record the things you need to do or remember on an external system you trust so that they do not occupy your mind. This way your mind will be freed to focus on your current task.
5. Meditate
Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your mind and have a “mind like water”. Even if you do the other ways mentioned in this post, sometimes there is still noise left in your mind. Meditation is a good way to purify it. There are many forms of meditation to choose from.
6. Limit your information intake
Consuming more information often means introducing more noise into your mind. That’s why limiting your information intake is essential to have a calm and peaceful mind. The rule of thumb in consuming information is this: consume information no more than what is necessary. But how do you know what is necessary? Rational thinking may help you figure it out, but I believe that your heart and intuition can help you just as much – if not more.
7. Read spiritual texts
Spiritual texts are among the purest kinds of information you can possibly get. It helps you link together your mind, heart, and intuition. While generally you should limit your information intake, I believe that you can safely consume spiritual texts without introducing noise into your mind.
8. Eliminate unessential stuff
It will be easier to have a peaceful mind if you don’t have too much stuff to worry about. So always look for ways to simplify your life. Eliminate the things which are not essential so that you can focus on the essential. Elimination should be a constant part of your life.
9. Don’t think too much about yourself
We usually think about our own needs and problems most of the time. But self-centered thoughts rarely bring peace into our mind. Quite the opposite, it may make us feel stressed and frustrated. So don’t think too much about yourself; forget yourself for a while.
10. Do something for others
Instead of thinking too much of ourselves, we should think more of others. Think of what you can do for others and do it. There is joy in giving which will give you peace of mind.
11. Slow down
In whatever you do, you do not need to be in rush. Doing so may only bring you faster to the wrong direction. First of all, you need to know where is the right direction to go. Slow down so that you can clearly hear the voice of your heart and intuition.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Something I always Wanted To Know...

Where the word Finna Came From.... 
Well I found out that it branches off of the phrases "Fixing To" & "About To" interesting.....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

The T.O. Show Premiere!

Hey Gleeks! did you guys catch the season 2 premiere of The T.O. Show? Well Let me tell you! It was filled with drama, as usual... But there was an unexpected reunion! I'm not going to tell you who, but you should check it out! You can watch it on Vh1 network.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jayden The Next Will?

I was watching one of Jayden Smith's interviews earlier today and i realized, the kid is talented! he had a number 1 movie and now he's dabbling in the rapping game, just like his dad. Jayden's featured on a track with Justine Bieber! This will most likely make it to number 1 soon!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse Premiere!

Ok, ok. I know that i should be at the Eclipse premiere but i couldn't make it! Well, from what i've heard it's the best one yet, according to fans. On the other hand, Critics say that it was worse of the three! Personally I can't wait to see it for myself! Bryce Dallas Howard better Bring It!

Watch The Third Harry Potter/Deathly Hallows Trailer!

Gleeks! Let me tell you! The Harry Potter Movies are going to be off the chain!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Of The Rest!

Best Performance and Best Speech

For the 2010 BET Awards best performance vocally goes to Monica! But performance wise it goes to Eminem, B.O.B, and Keyshia Cole. Performing “Air Planes,” the trio managed to get a standing ovation. The highly anticipated return of Eminem and Keyshia Cole paid off. Well done!

The Best Speech Goes To:
Trey Songz! It is always important for these young artist to let our young people know that you can accomplish anything, with a little hard work. His mother was reduced to tears as her son accepted his first BET Award for Best Male R&B. he personally thanked his mother from the bottom of his heart. So we say, Well Done Trey!

Prince: Forever In A LifeTime

Trey Songz started off Prince’s BET Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute with his song “Yo Side Of The Bed” with a verse from “Purple Rain”. The stage was bathed with purple backlights and played clips from Songz’s music video which featured songstress Kerri Hilson. Songz’s Tribute was slow, sultry, and heart felt.

Alicia Keyes on the other hand was a different story. The 29 year old singer (who is expecting with fiancé Swizz Beatz) carried out an unforgettable performance. Singing the song Adore, she gave us a sexy and never before seen Alicia Keyes. Once the Christian Louboutin shoes came off, Keyes ended up on top of her custom made piano, pregnant and all!

Janelle Monae gave a high energy performance singing “Let‘s Go Crazy”. Doing her signature dance, Monae truly wowed the crowd. Esparanza Spalding gave a low, cool, and jazzy performance.

The belle of the ball Patti Labelle was the reining Queen of the Tribute Performances. Belting out “Purple Rain”, Labelle left everyone on their feet. Backstage Labelle says “Prince will always Impress me,”. Well she definitely impressed us when she kicked off her heels and took Prince by the hand.

Well this shows that Prince has people who love him everywhere. Lets all hail Prince, the king!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I Love Cooking

There is nothing like the feeling of making something delicious and eating it afterwards. Even if i mess up and put a pound of salt in the recipe, i still love the fact that i can start over. 
I love that i can make new recipes from old ones too. Huh, I guess thats what makes me a Gleek.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hip Hop The New Rock?

Many artists have been saying that Hip Hop and Rap are the new Rock & Roll. What do you think? Is Rock played out?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here is an Original Poem From Me

This is a poem for my bad days....

Dark Room (Poem)

The therapy,
That says to me,
That is me,
Is a dark room,

My heart is a dark room,
Waiting, wanting, hoping for someone to turn on the light,
The light has gone too soon,
I hold on with all of my might,

When warm tears stream down my cheek,
My heart grows weak, and skips a beat,
Love, being something I’ve never encountered,
Trust, being something I’ve always wanted,

It’s funny how the lighting and thunder is so calming to me,
Until someone enters the room and wont let me be,
Free, to learn from my mistakes,
And to grow from my earth shaking heart aches,

I never wanted to know pain,
But without it, I guess life couldn’t be the same,
How anger gets the best of people, and sadness gets the worst,
I wonder which would be best to come first,

And to live in solemn silence, is something I know too well,
Yet, broken from the first time I fell,
I screamed Mommy! Daddy!
And love rushed over to help me,

Or like the time when I was struck across the face,
Luckily the anger didn’t leave a trace,
When I am persecuted and put down by so many,
I wonder if I even had any,
People to love me, and so it’s okay,
And that the sun will shine some other day,

Well if someone could just do me a favor,
And turn on the light,
Maybe, I just might,
Know how not to live in solemn silence,
And not to answer with random violence,

So I say my heart is a dark room, waiting for someone to turn on the light,
And maybe I just might,
Be the light in someone else’s life,
Sounds about right,

- Matt

Food For Thought

Gleeks.... is it true that one could have it all?
A successful career, a nice home, a loving family...
Well if one could, how would you accomplish it all?
How would one manage it all?
Just something that's been on my mind.